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Funny if it wasn't so serious: scammers now posing as FINRA

Officials from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority now likely feel a bond with IRS managers who are on the defensive as they deal with fraud matters.

Tax officials reacting to scams in which fraudsters cite an IRS affiliation or claim outright to be agency representatives frequently alert the public to fraud schemes and deny their involvement. They routinely remind the public to see fraud in all communications that are not sent in writing directly by the tax office. Moreover, they advise recipients to follow through with the agency to verify received letters.

FINRA officials are now much in the same boat, as evidenced by a recent Investor Alert the authority disseminated to the public. Regulatory officials want would-be investors to know that the agency has nothing to do with any investment pitches, notwithstanding a growing number of communications that signal otherwise.

A leading regulatory officer is stressing to investors that "our officers play no role in facilitating investment opportunities."

Con artists have apparently concluded that links to FINRA are effective ploys for luring in unwary investors. Some mailings have even faked the signature of FINRA's CEO in agency guarantees that bless select "opportunities."

As always, the mantra "buyer beware" should be intoned by any recipient of a pitch guaranteeing riches, especially when coupled with the alleged enthusiastic support of an official who is actually tasked with preventing securities fraud.

Questions or concerns regarding any questionable aspect of a securities investment can be directed to a proven securities law attorney with a record of advocacy on behalf of individual and institutional investors.

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