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You may have lost money in your investment portfolio,
due to mismanagement and not even know it.

A central concept for Ponzi scheme creditors: clawbacks

To those who pay close attention to the post-effect intrigues of massive Ponzi schemes, Irving Picard looms as a large and lasting presence.

To legions of individual and institutional investors ripped off in the infamous Madoff securities scam, Picard is a knight doing battle to recover lost monies. As trustee in the matter, he (along with a team of forensic experts) is methodically engaged in so-called "clawback" activities aimed at getting back what was lost.

Reportedly, Picard has been impressively successful in his long-term efforts to make creditors whole again, having paid out approximately $11 billion in claimed losses.

A recent Bloomberg article on trustees' clawback efforts in high-profile Ponzi schemes notes, though, that Picard is still "chasing" billions more.

And that is similarly true with other trustees tasked to recover hard-earned dollars handed over by defrauded investors in California and across the country. Bloomberg notes that investigative probes aimed at finding and recovering money in Ponzi and related securities fraud ruses are often mired in sheer complexity. Ex-business mogul Thomas Petters reportedly "used 150 different corporations to carry out money laundering and fraudulent schemes."

Getting that money back -- or even a fraction of it -- can understandably be an iffy proposition, even for the most deep and sophisticated recovery teams.

Timeliness can obviously be a big factor in the success or failure of a clawback or other effort to secure justice for defrauded investors in a securities fraud scam. Questions or concerns regarding suspected improprieties or flat-out unlawful behavior in an investment matter can be directed to a proven pro-investor Southern California securities law attorney.

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