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Buyer-beware world: we certainly live in one

Are you getting a bit tired of acronyms?

With the frenetic speed and pace that marks modern life today, much seems to be compressed in a manner that pushes abbreviated meanings and allows for progressively more information and data to encroach upon our personal lives.

Consider financial designations, for instance.

We readily concede that suddenly asking readers to consider that topic might be a bit jarring, but we believe that the inquiry is relevant to our blog on security investments and fraud.

Did you know that FINRA -- the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority that serves as the nation's overseer of most brokers and investment advisers -- cites a stunning 177 financial designations online that brokers in California and nationally use when advertising their services to consumers?

There is CFA, CFP, FRM, CAIA, FMC and, well, you get the point -- there is enough shorthand info out there to thoroughly baffle as well as educate would-be investors.

In regard to that, FINRA makes this central point: An individual looking at that steady stream of hyped credentials -- what the publication ThinkAdvisor terms the "alphabet soup of designations" -- needs to be duly careful when considering them.

Here's why: Some are entirely legitimate and hard-earned, but others are flatly bogus and can even be purchased without any advance training required at all.

And then touted, of course, with the end result for many impressed investors being the loss of their money to scam artists engaged in a variety of schemes.

Probe and verify is the advice rendered by ThinkAdvisor. A proven pro-investors' security law attorney can help with that.

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