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You may have lost money in your investment portfolio,
due to mismanagement and not even know it.

Sometimes hard to tell: Is that bona-fide or scam stock research?

We know that readers of our securities law blog at the Los Angeles Law Offices of Marc I. Zussman are smart and sophisticated people who duly go about due diligence activities before making meaningful investment decisions.

That is, they do their homework. They take a hard look at who is promising them market results. They get their hands on relevant investment data and study it. They think carefully about their risk tolerance. They fight against impatience, knowing that investing risks are compounded when decisions are made on emotion rather than in the wake of methodical analysis.

Notwithstanding such diligence, though, we know too that some members of even the most sophisticated investing demographic get taken in investment schemes by bad-faith actors whose artifice and willingness to defraud can scarcely be comprehended.

The national brokerage firm FINRA recently advised investors to be careful regarding something that they might reasonably have never even contemplated before, namely, bogus stock pitches made by parties on established and respected financial websites.

Sadly, FINRA notes, it turns out that even seemingly solid financial publishing sources can contain articles by con artists writing under pseudonyms who are paid to write bogus material regarding select investment opportunities.

In other words, an entirely legitimate looking analysis might be nothing other than falsely hyped data geared toward luring in gullible investors.

There it is: real fake news.

Obviously, we advise readers to guard against that. Vet a writer's credentials. Visit additional sources for information on the same hyped security. Consult a proven securities lawyer.

It's just a sad fact of the investment industry that barracudas troll within it. Publications like this blog and other like-minded information sources focused on investor education and empowerment routinely seek to keep readers focused on investment risks while they pursue profitable opportunities.

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