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You may have lost money in your investment portfolio,
due to mismanagement and not even know it.

Watching out for the bad guys: protecting hard-earned savings

They are out there, with a certainty.

And most people who have worked hard and long to build up savings and intend to see their retirement years shored up through both sound investment decisions and a proper safeguarding of their money know that they they're out there.

"They" are unscrupulous financial advisers and brokers whose sole focus is on padding personal accounts with assets taken from third-party investors who in good faith and with full trust hand over the wealth they have toiled for a lifetime to obtain.

And the notation to being "out there" quite simply means this: Those unsavory characters -- those individuals committing brazen and criminal acts -- know every venue where potential investors -- especially older Americans -- congregate and spend time. And they take painstaking efforts to get their pitch in front of possible scam targets every way possible, that is, over the phone, through mailings, at seminars, via endorsements from persons who they pay to tout their investment offerings, and through various online platforms.

And many of them are good, with proof amply provided by legions of sad and disconcerting stories that regularly feature trusting California residents and Americans everywhere else across the country who get taken by bogus opportunities.

As noted in a recent media article providing cautionary advice to elder Americans who are targeted by financial scammers, the need to be careful is both compelling and obvious.

And often easier said than done.

The compendium of provided tips to avoid being taken is often comprised of similar bullet points, regardless of source.

To wit: Commit to nothing on first contact. Never be too eager to provide personal financial information. Get those danger antennae up whenever an unsolicited investment pitch is detected. Check a would-be adviser's credentials to the fullest extent possible -- and ask lots of direct questions.

And, importantly, timely consult with an experienced financial professional "who is separate from [a] transaction." As the above-cited article notes, that might likely be an experienced attorney who regularly assists clients in investment and securities-related matters.

Taking the time to procure impartial and proven counsel from a third-party professional with a duty to fully promote your best interests can go far toward safeguarding your hard-earned wealth and promoting peace of mind.

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