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You may have lost money in your investment portfolio,
due to mismanagement and not even know it.

Is your financial advisor growing your wealth or a bad seed?

When it comes to making your money work, you face many challenging decisions. The world of investments is complex and can be confusing. Not only does this provide many opportunities for making mistakes, but it also leaves you vulnerable to unscrupulous financial advisors who are willing to use your uncertainty to their own advantage.

Therefore, among the many choices you must make with your money is the decision about who will be your financial advisor. Not only do you want someone who with knowledge and skill of investments and financial planning, you want someone with integrity.

Transparent or shady?

Over 90 percent of financial advisors take their jobs and the trust people like you place in them seriously. However, it only takes one deceitful advisor to cost you the money you worked long and hard to earn and the future you depended on your advisor to protect.

You may be able to recognize such an investor if he or she avoids discussing the risks involved with your investments. Without explaining the potential losses along with the gains, your investor fails to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

Additionally, a dishonest advisor may neglect to tell you how he or she earns a fee from your investments. Whether it is through commissions, a percentage of your managed money or some combination, withholding that information from you is unethical and may leave you with an unpleasant surprise.

How do I know I can trust my advisor?

In contrast, a reputable advisor will lay everything out in the open for you. You will have a thorough understanding of how your advisor receives compensation for his or her work as well as the risks involved in your investments. Other marks of an ethical advisor include:

  • Taking the time to understand your goals
  • Explaining the options available to you in terms you can understand
  • Developing a plan to help you meet your goals
  • Making recommendations that support your plans
  • Meeting with you regularly to keep your interests in check

These meetings don't occur just because your advisor wants to sell you on a new product or talk you into investing more money. A trustworthy advisor will use your appointments as an opportunity to hear your concerns, discuss the progress of your investments and reevaluate your strategies.

If your financial advisor demonstrates these qualities, you can probably rest assured that he or she has your best interests in mind. You may be fortunate enough to have one the many trustworthy professionals who help people protect and cultivate a secure financial future. However, if you have dealt with a California financial advisor whose guidance has cost you considerable financial damage, you may wish to explore your options for seeking compensation.

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