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July 2017 Archives

Bilked investors: Account actually had $5 in it, not $600 million

Some con artists who financially prey on the public have considerable staying power, given their ability to lie in incremental fashion, that is, with just enough deception to make it appear that everything account-related is legitimate while in fact they are stealing over a very long-term from trusting clients.

Is your financial advisor growing your wealth or a bad seed?

When it comes to making your money work, you face many challenging decisions. The world of investments is complex and can be confusing. Not only does this provide many opportunities for making mistakes, but it also leaves you vulnerable to unscrupulous financial advisors who are willing to use your uncertainty to their own advantage.

Criminal conviction closes book on athlete/adviser relationship

For famed and long-tenured basketball superstar Tim Duncan, the enduring relationship he had with his financial adviser was akin to a partnership with a fellow player out on the hoops court who commanded respect through years of consistent and trust-inducing effort.

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