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You may have lost money in your investment portfolio,
due to mismanagement and not even know it.

Take a breath, defer handing over that cash and check that adviser

There is a compelling reason why casinos flourish, of course.

And it is perhaps optimally elucidated through reference to the phrase "luck of the draw."

You can't get the pay unless you play. Many people in California and across the rest of the world -- even the most logical and careful among us -- can quickly grow a bit dizzy when sudden prospects of wealth flash before our eyes.

Unfortunately, unscrupulous financial advisers and brokers know all too well how well-considered thought can flee in an instant in the face of a well-pitched get-rich-quick scheme.

And while they likely don't frenetically endorse buying casino shares (they might, though), steadily recurring stories denoting investors' losses reveal that there are, well, just about a million other "available only now" opportunities they peddle to consumers they think might be taken for a financial ride.

Don't get taken.

Although that is sometimes easier said than done, admittedly, there are a number of purposeful and timely steps that a would-be investor can take -- as noted in a recent media report focused on investor scam avoidance -- to "scotch the swindle."

Undertaking some advance due diligence is of course the bottom line in any advice proffered to investors. Broker/adviser compliance records are readily available for scrutiny online at the website of FINRA, the government overseer and watchdog for the financial industry. A bit of additional checking can also yield useful data on specific securities that you are being recommended.

That is just a start, though. Obviously, anyone poised to write a check must first conduct a bit of internal analysis, as well.

A simple question might precede that, namely, "Does this feel right?

A proven securities law attorney who routinely advocates on behalf of consumers in matters involving broker bad faith, fraud and inappropriate advice that leads to financial losses can also provide prompt and candid guidance, as well as strong legal representation in appropriate cases.

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