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You may have lost money in your investment portfolio,
due to mismanagement and not even know it.

The true colors of a get-rich-quick scheme

Investing can be tricky. It requires knowledge, patience and a certain amount of trust. Nevertheless, you understand the value of well-placed assets, and you want the most return for your investments. Like many, you may have your ear to the ground for great opportunities, and you don't want to make a mistake and miss the deal of a lifetime.

Sometimes, however, good intentions turn into bad mistakes. Maybe this happened to you recently when you invested in something you thought was a great idea, but it turned out to be a scam. In hindsight, the signs were probably there to warn you.

Signs of fraud

If you have been offered a chance to get rich fast, to turn an enormous profit or to get in on something quick before everyone finds out about it, you are probably looking at a scam. Financial advisors warn consumers to invest for the long run - about 10 to 15 years - and anticipate an annual return of around 7 percent. Someone who offers you an immediate return that is substantially more than that benchmark is likely perpetrating a fraud. Clues that indicate an investment offer may be fraudulent include:

  • Promises of high investment earnings just for you
  • Requires your immediate commitment to the investment
  • Offers scanty legal documentation, or none at all
  • Uses your affiliation with a trusted organization, such as a church, to assuage your doubts

This last point may be one reason why so many fall victim to fraudulent investments, especially Ponzi schemes. You may be coerced by someone you know, or someone may claim a close friend has recommended you because your friend wants you to benefit from the opportunity. Fast and substantial returns are the lure of Ponzi schemes, but they are illegal and unsustainable.

Claiming what you deserve

Despite your diligence, you may have been blindsided by an investment scheme that left you broke and embarrassed. The unscrupulous manner in which the investment opportunity was presented to you may have been attractive, and that was exactly the clue you missed in failing to recognize it as a fraud.

Others in your shoes often find satisfaction through speaking with an attorney. A lawyer who has decades of experience helping investors will examine your case and guide you in taking appropriate steps. With effective legal counsel, you improve your chances of recovering potential damages for your losses.

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