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Due diligence: it goes far toward investment scam avoidance

Most of our readers have likely found themselves as members of a captive television audience occasionally (unless that remote is quickly employed, of course), with a pitchman telling us that something truly great is about to happen if we simply get on the phone within the next two minutes.

Or an alternative scenario promising a salutary result might stem on a responder being, say, one of the lucky "first 50" callers to stake a claim to an "only offered here and now" product.

It's one thing when that item is something like an onion slicer or a new stick-free pan, but something altogether different when a profit-now offering involves alleged investment riches.

A recent Forbes article on identifying investment fraud and taking steps to avoid being victimized by it offers one very succinct and simple piece of advice for responding to any make-money pitch that has a time-of-the-essence aura about it: Don't.

And while you're putting up a shield against "hurry or it won't last" hype, notes Forbes, be sure to similarly defend yourself against promises and guarantees of investment returns that materially exceed typical market expectations.

Forbes logically notes that such opportunities cannot exist. If they did, they would routinely be scarfed up by moneyed insiders with the requisite "professional capital" on hand required to beat common investors to the punch.

The bottom line regarding any investment offering, states Forbes, is "quite simple."

And that is this: Never embrace an opportunity without having first put it to the test through a careful -- that is, a methodical and unhurried -- examination.

And when necessary, notes the financial magazine, get a proven lawyer on board to offer professional input.

That act alone could be the best investment incurred when loud and brazen hyperbole is seeking to drown out your reflective instincts.

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