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March 2017 Archives

Two theories re Ponzi schemes: the second is not too encouraging

As noted in a recent news article on Ponzi schemes, the perpetrators of such ruses entail a certain dichotomy and often display a pronounced inconsistency -- and accompanying illogical fault -- in their character.

The true colors of a get-rich-quick scheme

Investing can be tricky. It requires knowledge, patience and a certain amount of trust. Nevertheless, you understand the value of well-placed assets, and you want the most return for your investments. Like many, you may have your ear to the ground for great opportunities, and you don't want to make a mistake and miss the deal of a lifetime.

Due diligence: it goes far toward investment scam avoidance

Most of our readers have likely found themselves as members of a captive television audience occasionally (unless that remote is quickly employed, of course), with a pitchman telling us that something truly great is about to happen if we simply get on the phone within the next two minutes.

How easy is it to get fleeced by the sharks? Very easy, indeed.

How do you think you'd feel after sitting through an hour or two of an investment seminar you signed up for and then finding out in quite summary fashion that the whole thing was a purposefully staged fake engaged in to prove a couple fundamental points to you?

Case spotlights investment churning: What exactly is that?

If you sit down with an investment broker or adviser to carefully evaluate your financial position and set forth your expectations regarding the application of your money going forward, don't you reasonably expect to see actions taken by that professional that closely accord with your stated objectives?

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