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One bad apple spoils the … but, wait, there are lots of bad apples

One firm reality and unquestionable fact that regular readers of our Los Angeles securities law blog know is that there is no dearth of unscrupulous investment brokers operating in California and across the rest of the country.

Indeed, and to the contrary, it might reasonably strike many readers that the securities industry has more than its fair share of shady characters who stand ever-ready to fleece good-faith investors of the hard-earned money they entrust in the belief that their professional managers will simply do what's right.

And that is this: investing that money in appropriate ways and pursuant to the belief that its owners' best interests are being legitimately promoted.

Given the recurring news accounts that emanate from Southern California, the rest of the state and nationally, it must sometimes strike readers that there are legions of bad-faith actors who are more focused on fleecing customers than on protecting them.

Sadly, that is true, and it is proven with some regularity.

And what might seem especially galling to many is that many stories featuring investment fraud involve multiple occurrences by individuals who, despite the fact that they get caught once or even more than that, are allowed by authorities to continue practicing in their industry.

One recent story that has emerged spotlights one broker who was fined and suspended from practice by Finra several years ago for unsuitable and excessive trading and for lying to customers regarding material facts concerning their investments.

That adviser recently surfaced again for doing essentially the same time. A news report chronicles that he "drained [multiple widows'] retirement savings for over a decade."

For that and additional transgressions, he was again suspended by Finra (for a mere year), and subjected to an injunction and asset freeze by a federal court.

Will he surface yet again following new stories down the road pointing to actions taken that were inimical to clients' interests?

That's impossible to say presently, of course, but such things do happen.

And because they do, it is certainly reasonable for any person who feels uncomfortable regarding any aspect of his or her broker representation to contact a proven securities law attorney who advocates on behalf of defrauded investors and aggressively pursues meaningful recoveries on their behalf.

If you think it might be fraud, well, that just might turn out to be the case.

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