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How long securities complaints are valid

When it comes to investments, there are many things that can go wrong. Unfortunately, one of the most common complaints has nothing to do with the stock market and instead concerns the actions of the investor in many different facets.


The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority states that there are several problems that investors can cause, including issues with the following:


  •          Transfer of accounts
  •          Insider trading
  •          Sell and purchase of orders
  •          Financial planning
  •          Brokerage firms


There are also often concerns with the decisions and guidance of an investment advisor that require legal action to be taken, especially when these choices involve the person’s retirement or 401(k) plan.


When it comes to acquiring legal help to recover damages sustained by the conduct of investors, the American Bar Association states that complainants only have six years from the date of the event to file a claim. While this rule is generally upheld, there are some circumstances that will allow a dismissal of the guideline with approval by a judge. For instance, if decisions made do not cause problems until eight years later or there were several fraudulent actions on different occasions, the rule may be dismissed.


The American Bar states that the most common complaint received is that the risk tolerance preference and investment goals of the investor were violated in the choices made. The fact that the client is trusting the investor to tailor the decisions to his or her particular needs makes unsuitable actions a form of fraud and punishable by law. 

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