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December 2016 Archives

Does it seem like some investment scammers get off lightly?

Although this is not a commentary injecting personal views into sentencing outcomes regarding wrongdoers who author mass investment scams preying upon justifiably relying consumers, it is an underscoring of the reality that in some instances the judgment is simply not commensurate with the fleecing that occurred.

How Much Risk Is Too Much Risk?

If you are working with a stock broker or investment advisor for the first time, you might be unsure about how much risk is too much risk. You want your money to make money, but you've worked a long time to accumulate these funds. It can seem irresponsible to risk too much, but some might say that in order to get the most out of your investment, you have to take risks.

Securities law: 2 men accused of Ponzi scheme

People spend a great deal of time pondering how to best handle their money. In order to prepare for their future, many in California seek the assistance of others to help them with investments. Unfortunately, violations of securities law, including investment fraud, can leave investors suffering severe losses.

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