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November 2016 Archives

Knowledgeable representation in securities law violations

When people in California have a major problem, they often seek the guidance of an experienced professional to help them resolve their issues. For example, when they suffer a serious health condition, they seek the assistance of a doctor who has the necessary training to treat the problem. The same can be said for those looking to invest their money -- they seek the help of an experienced investment advisor or broker. Just like doctors face repercussions if negligence or mistakes cause physical or emotional harm, those who work with issues involving securities law may be held accountable for actions that are contrary to a client's wishes and result in financial harm.

Update: material developments emerge in Madoff Ponzi scheme

Irving Picard, the trustee for investors defrauded in the epochal Ponzi scheme authored by Bernard Madoff, filed a lawsuit against a described "Madoff middleman" in 2009 demanding the return of approximately $1.3 billion from that individual's estate.

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