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Hard to gauge: Finra's enforcement effectiveness

Fewer cited offenders, more outsized fines and penalties.

That seems to be the bottom line regarding a report on punitive actions taken thus far in 2016 against the nation's investment firms and brokerage houses by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

As our readers know well from perusal of past blog posts authored by The Law Offices of Mark I. Zussman, a well-established Los Angeles pro-investor business and securities law firm, Finra is the nation's oversight and enforcement agency vis a vis a high number of registered broker members. It is tasked with policing the industry and punishing wrongdoers.

In addition to procuring substantial money recoveries for many clients through aggressive advocacy in jury and court trials, Mark I. Zussman has successfully represented many defrauded investors before arbitration panels that proceed under the auspices of Finra.

The recent report on Finra enforcement actions and fines doled out for investment malfeasance paints what many people might reasonably regard as a skewed picture.

On the one hand, Finra seems both resolute and effective in its response to wrongdoing; reportedly, the authority is on course to levy fines during 2016 that surpass last year's record amount by about 70 percent.

On the other hand, though, the nearly $160 million in exactions that could be realized before year's end are coming from a relative paucity of industry actors; "a small number of very large penalties" is how 2016 is unfolding as described by one Finra-related media focus.

One commentator notes a "large number of supersized fines" relating to the singular subject matter of variable annuities.

Aside from that, it might actually be argued that it is a down year for wrongdoer identification and a punitive Finra response in general.

It is unquestionable that broker/adviser misconduct and/or negligence contributes to huge losses for good-faith investors every year in California and nationally. Seemingly, Finra's actions address just the veritable tip of the iceberg regarding industry wrongdoing.

Any consumer who loses money through investment fraud might reasonably want to contact a proven and aggressive attorney who routinely advocates on behalf of defrauded individuals and companies for diligent legal representation aimed at seeking a full recovery for any wrongdoing.

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