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You may have lost money in your investment portfolio,
due to mismanagement and not even know it.

Can you fall prey to your own HYIP?

Acronyms, acronyms, forever acronyms.

Seemingly, we live in a world awash with shorthand and often technical designations for constantly evolving ideas, trends, functions and processes.

Take that above HYIP acronym in today's blog post headline.

Fleshed out, it stands for "high-yield investment programs."

Spelling it out doesn't help much for clarifying just what it means or entails, does it?

Unless, of course, you are the creator of an HYIP or, alternatively, a so-called aggregator or referrer.

Here's the bottom line regarding an HYIP: It is most often nothing more than an online Ponzi scheme intended to make some bucks for a few people on the inside who promote it and flatly defraud all the other individuals who put money into it.

The central question concerning HYIPs is this: Can you get in and out quickly enough to avoid getting burned?

A recent Bloomberg article on HYIP products calls an individual's participation in an HYIP scheme "the financial equivalent of a game of chicken."

For those investing who know that an HYIP is most often a purely fraudulent vehicle, the end game is this: Put money in at the outset, while the scheme is gaining traction, get paid back with interest by successive waves of mostly gullible investors, and then bail ship before the incoming stream of funds that is paying you back dries up.

That can make for some precarious timing And, of course, the end result is typically adverse for good-faith investors. A recent study indicates "that only 21 percent of HYIP users know they're putting money into a fraud."

And even those in the know most often get taken, notes that research.

Persons trolling about online who come across lauded investment vehicles promising outsized returns are likely looking at hyped HYIPs.

They just might want to steer clear.

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