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You may have lost money in your investment portfolio,
due to mismanagement and not even know it.

Your investments are tanking: Could that owe to broker negligence?

Everyone wants to make money, of course, which is the obvious reason why so many people in California and across the country proactively invest in the stock market though professional advisers.

And many of us have a somewhat fatalistic, though hopeful, attitude about that. When we periodically scan our account statements and see a net gain, we're pleased. If those gains are sizable, we might even dance.

And when things are spiraling downward (especially in a recurring and sustained sense), millions of investors tend to simply shrug their shoulders, chalk it up to bad luck and hope for more positive results in the future.

As we duly note on our securities law website at The Law Offices of Marc I. Zussman in Los Angeles, legions of investors who have entrusted hard-earned money to advisers and brokers and thereafter watched the amount forked over steadily dissipate attribute their losses "to the vagaries of the market."

That might indeed be the case.

But then, again, the catalyst that is primarily spurring a net outflow of cash might be something else entirely.

Like unsuitable investing by your adviser, which is a sounding bell for concern that we noted in a recent blog post. Our April 29 entry noted "the universe of investment scams" operative across the country, pointing out therein that unsuitable investing is a top-shelf item on that list.

How do you know if your investments are inappropriate for you?

For starters, your broker should have done the requisite due diligence necessary to ascertain your investment goals and risk tolerance. If your holdings are materially misaligned with those important considerations, your trust in your adviser could be misplaced.

A proven securities law attorney who works exclusively on behalf of injured investors can assess whether money losses simply owed to natural market rhythms or, conversely, to something else altogether.

Broker fraud is illegal, and an injured investor who justifiably relied upon professional assistance and was defrauded instead can pursue a remedy aimed at full compensation for his or her losses.

At The Law Offices of Marc I. Zussman, we advocate passionately and aggressively on behalf of our investor clients.

And we do so for a simple reason: It's your money, and no broker or adviser has the right to inappropriately manage it.


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