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You may have lost money in your investment portfolio,
due to mismanagement and not even know it.

Classic prescription for portfolio disaster: being undiversified

If you suspect that something's just not right with the investment plan your broker adviser has put into place for you, you're likely running through a checklist of concerns and trying to pinpoint what is obviously amiss.

Does the fee that your financial professional is charging you seem out of whack when compared with what friends and acquaintances are paying for investment services? Are you concerned that your adviser is more concerned with promoting pricey company products than investments that are reasonably priced? Are you frankly wondering about whose interests are being best promoted in the relationship between you and your broker?

Or are you perhaps flatly suspecting that your portfolio is unduly balanced by virtue of your broker's heavy emphasis on a single investment or sector?

That latter concern is in fact centrally on the minds of many investors in California and elsewhere who see their portfolios tilted mightily in favor of one or just a few investment options.

That money-managing approach is commonly termed "overconcentration" or "failure to diversify, and its consequences for a given investor can be dire, indeed.

We note on our securities law website at The Law Offices of Marc I. Zussman in Los Angeles that "this imbalanced approach can leave investors highly exposed to the possibility of substantial losses."

It might seem unclear to an investor whether broker impropriety or flat-out negligence is linked to a clearly underperforming portfolio.

That sense of uncertainly does not exist for a proven securities law attorney who routinely promotes the best interests of clients who have been victimized by investment fraud or the substandard performance of a hired money professional.

Any person with questions or concerns regarding an adviser's failure to properly diversify or any other aspect of broker conduct can obtain answers and, when necessary, aggressive legal representation from an experienced securities litigation lawyer.

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