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The world of investment fraud: representative cases

Money is quite something, isn't it? Everyone needs it, and everyone wants it.

And, given that (that is, money being at the apex of so much that so many people think about and are preoccupied with), it stands to reason that some individuals and groups devise disingenuous and manipulative schemes to take money from others who have earned it and who seek to safeguard their savings.

Obviously, we're talking preying on the innocent and scamming those with their guards down here.

It is hardly surprising that some of the most complex and sophisticated ruses for accomplishing that aim have been spawned by professional money managers. After all, those people are ultimate insiders in the money game, and actors within their industry who are inclined to fleece innocents have had many decades to perfect unlawful schemes bent on enriching themselves at the expense of others.

A point that is exceptionally notable about that is this: The people who give money to such con artists often act in justifiable reliance and are thereafter essentially helpless, given that entities such as investment banks and brokerages have long operated in the United States and are subject to myriad state and federal laws that seek to protect customers.

Notwithstanding such laws, stories routinely emerge regarding the multiple ways in which some professional money managers defraud investors.

Those are varied, fascinating and certainly something to be spotlighted and protected against, given their ability to reduce investors to penury when orchestrated with skill by brokers and financial advisers having criminal intent.

We will take a look at some of the representative types of cases that a securities lawyer tasked with protecting the rights of consumers sees and defends against in our next blog post.

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