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You may have lost money in your investment portfolio,
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SEC notably concerned with investment fraud

When the topic is investment fraud, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is anything but disinterested.

In fact, the SEC is taking unprecedented steps to get the word out to the general public on scam artists, investment pyramid schemes and other ploys aimed at fleecing the unwary.

As noted in a recent article chronicling the SEC's efforts to put a dent in investment fraud, the commission has for the first time ever -- and we're talking 82 years here -- undertaken an advertising campaign to disseminate what it considers a key message to many millions of Americans.

And that is this: Before you hire a money manager, or if you have concerns about your broker or adviser after having already entrusted money to him or her, check that individual out online on, an Internet platform set up by the SEC.

Financial professionals are routinely listed in the database. If they aren't, says an SEC commentator, take notice and do some further checking. And if they are, but their name is pegged to so-called "flagged incidents" or "disclosure events," pay serious attention.

The SEC is trying to promote greater public awareness of investment scams, which have proliferated and grown more sophisticated through criminals' use of the Internet and social media sites.

Doing some online checking regarding a broker adviser is certainly a good idea, but it obviously doesn't provide for fail-safe accuracy or updated data.

An individual or institutional investor who feels uneasy regarding a money manager or who believes that such a person is mismanaging investments might reasonably want to contact a proven securities law attorney for counsel and, when necessary, zealous legal representation.

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