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You may have lost money in your investment portfolio,
due to mismanagement and not even know it.

Are you a scam target? Who isn't?

There are likely very few thinking adults around these days who don't occasionally -- perhaps even routinely -- take mental inventory regarding security concerns in their lives, at least as relates to financial matters.

After all, we live in complex times, with ever-evolving technologies that provide new and exciting opportunities across a wide universe of possibilities also enabling scam artists and fraudsters to bilk innocent parties in increasingly novel ways.

We have spotlighted some of those schemes and ruses in past select blog posts, noting therein that it is simply an imperative these days for individuals to be persistently vigilant regarding how they invest their money and, just as importantly, who they entrust it to.

A recent article spotlighting financial abuse and ways to safeguard against it underscores the point that would-be and actual scam victims are often relatively older people.

That sad reality often owes, obviously, to increased frailty in some cases. In many other instances, though, it can be simply attributed to the fact that a more seasoned demographic makes for more attractive pickings to an unscrupulous financial adviser, broker or other party.

Put another way: An older baby boomer often has much more money to invest than does a person decades younger.

The aforementioned article sets forth a few tips on how to avoid becoming a victim in an investment scam. Guaranteed high returns and no-risk assertions should signal alarm bells, for example, as should a you-need-to-act-now pitch.

Perhaps most fundamentally, and as further noted in that overview piece, an investor might reasonably want to alert a third-party professional of an investment "opportunity," in order that it can be objectively gauged.

A proven securities attorney commanding experience representing investors and protecting them against financial fraud can evaluate an investment and also take strong legal action against parties who perpetrate fraud upon good-faith investors.

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