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You may have lost money in your investment portfolio,
due to mismanagement and not even know it.

Tough time in the market: Is your broker acting appropriately?

A quick question for our readers: Are you having a calm and tranquil sleep every night in the midst of market gyrations that unquestionably mark the most intense dislocations experienced in recent years?

We suspect not, unless you're one of those rare people who can doze through, say, a hurricane.

Candidly, the markets have been tough -- OK, savagely rough -- the past several months, with any individual who has actually improved his or her portfolio over that time being a distinct rarity.

A truism regarding markets is that they do both rise and fall, though, with experienced investors knowing that they need to remain disciplined and take measured -- not panic-ridden -- actions to keep their financial ships afloat.

And as true as that is for "common" investors, it is even more of an imperative for the financial professionals they rely upon to nurture and grow their money.

Even experienced stock pickers and investment advisers take hits in the market occasionally.

If you're a long-term investor who pays for financial advice, you know that.

You might also suspect, though, that something just isn't right about the information you're perusing in your investment statements, especially if it isn't remotely in accord with the results that other people you know who are similarly situated in many material respects are seeing.

What if they have a safe cash/bond component and you are entirely invested aggressively in gold stocks or emerging markets? What if the expenses they pay are far beneath what you're forking over for advice? What if they regularly meet with their adviser and you can't ever reach yours on the phone? What if your acquaintances' portfolios are rebounding strongly from past weak performance, while your investments continue to lag and badly underperform the market?

A media article discussing the recent market volatility and professional advisers' reaction to it underscores the obvious need for investment brokers to act prudently in such a scenario and in ways that seek in good faith to promote clients' interests.

If you are relying upon the services of a financial professional and harbor a feeling that something just isn't right about that individual's actions or delivered performance, you might reasonably want to reach out to a proven securities law attorney for guidance.

After all, it's your money -- not your broker's.

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