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You may have lost money in your investment portfolio,
due to mismanagement and not even know it.

Investment losses: not always attributable to simple market forces

As 2015 rapidly nears its end, the financial markets continue to do what they have been doing all year long, namely, fluctuate up and down on a regular -- and sometimes dramatic -- basis.

Investors in California and across the country are routinely told two things when it comes to putting their hard-earned money in the stock market. For starters, they are informed that, over time, stocks have historically outperformed all other types of investments. And, second, they are introduced to disclaimers that parrot this truth: Nothing is guaranteed in the market -- ever. An account balance can go up, and it can just as easily deteriorate materially.

In short, there is risk.

But there can also be something more related to investor loss, namely, improper conduct by a stock broker or investment adviser that owes to a skewed view regarding best interests.

In other words: Investors are sometimes shortchanged or cheated outright by advisers who are acting in their best interests and not those of their clients.

Breaching client trust -- that is, having a conflict of interest and failing to lawfully carry out so-called fiduciary duties that protect clients -- can yield heavily adverse consequences to an investor who is relying in good faith on the behavior of a professional adviser.

When that behavior results in money losses, a harmed investor might reasonably want to timely secure the assistance of a proven securities attorney who works solely on behalf of investors seeking to recover funds that have been lost due to third-party negligence or fraudulent behavior.

It's your money, and it took sweat equity and smarts to earn it. A seasoned securities law lawyer can work diligently on your behalf to help you keep it.

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