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October 2015 Archives

Movie flop likely a ruse for elaborate ponzi scheme

According to movie critics, the 2009 film “Not Forgotten” was anything but memorable. If you didn’t see it, or didn’t remember it, you are certainly not alone. The movie only ran in four theatres in the United States for seven weeks and grossed $54,000. Internationally, the movie actually made more money, with $88,000 in gross receipts.

FINRA punishes firm from inappropriate supervision of securities

With the financial issues that Puerto Rico has experienced over the past few years, foreign investment has been an important part of the commonwealth’s plan for recovery. However, investment has not been without significant risks, and a great deal of focus has been on preventing fraudulent schemes from affecting unwitting investors.

SEC seizes assets stemming from alleged ponzi scheme

If you are an investor, whether you are a novice or an experienced investor, would you know the difference between a multi-level marketing organization and a ponzi scheme? At first glance, the difference would be that MLMs actually sell products and services where an investor who brings in a number of other people stands to profit at a greater rate; whereas a ponzi scheme does not involve neither products nor services. Also, those who are brought into a ponzi scheme stand to lose their entire investment.

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