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September 2015 Archives

The potential dangers behind marijuana stocks

While the 2016 presidential election is still over a year away, one of the issues that will garner attention is whether the use of marijuana should be legalized on a national scale. Indeed, the number of states approving the use of medicinal marijuana is expected to increase, as well as the states expected to approve the recreational use of the drug. These predictions have spawned a new “green” industry where startup companies are taking advantage of the economic opportunities presented.

Duo faces criminal charges for stock manipulation plan

While headlines about the stock market may focus on the precipitous drop in Volkswagen stock, there are other stocks that serve as reminders that unwitting investors could be defrauded by unscrupulous brokers and management companies alike. According to a recent SEC press release, two men face criminal charges for intentionally defrauding investors who backed a company that ostensibly provided stem cell therapy.

Investors should beware of stock tips via text message

Indeed, August was a tough month for most investors to live through. The instability in foreign markets carried over to America’s markets, and stocks suffered throughout the month. In this climate, unscrupulous traders look at panicking investors as prime targets for investment scams.

When should you bring a securities fraud lawsuit?

While pursuing actions for securities fraud is important, knowing when to pursue them is critical, because the time frame for bringing such actions can be short. Under federal law, the window for bringing these actions is two years after such fraud is discovered, or five years after the actual fraud occurred.

Insider trading and the Securities Exchange Commission

While a number of our posts have been on FINRA’s enforcement of securities regulations, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission is also charged with maintaining fair, orderly and efficient market trading, all while protecting investors.

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