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You may have lost money in your investment portfolio,
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Fighting for the rights of churning victims

Many investors care very deeply about their investment goals. These goals can be a very big part of their overall financial plan and their hopes for their financial future. When an investor has a broker handle their investment portfolio, they expect and trust that the broker will act in a way consistent with the investment goals they have for the portfolio.

Unfortunately, some brokers let their own wishes take precedent over properly aligning the investment and trading strategies they have in place regarding their client's portfolio with their client’s investment goals. When this happens, it can result in brokers taking wrongful and illegal action in regards to their client's investments.

One such type of action is intentionally engaging in a high-trading-volume strategy, without regard for the investor's goals, in order to boost commissions. This illegal practice is called churning.

Churning is not only illegal and a major breach of trust, it can also expose its victims to a great amount of financial harm. When a broker engages in churning, it could expose a client's portfolio to a much higher degree of risk than the client wants. This could result in major financial losses for a client and a client no longer being able to achieve their investment goals.

When an investor has been exposed to churning and harmed by it, it is important for them to understand what options they might have for recovery to help them rebuild their finances and investments in the wake of the harm done to them.

Our firm represents victims of churning and other investment fraud in legal actions against dishonest brokers and investment advisors. We can help individuals who suspect they were the victims of churning look into whether harmful churning occurred in relation to their investment portfolio, provide them with explanations and guidance regarding what avenues for legal recourse are available to them and assist them with fighting for their rights. 

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