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August 2015 Archives

What is churning and why is it important to me

While brokerage firms provide helpful and important services for investors, their end goal is to make money. Not just for investors, but for the business itself. Indeed, brokerage firms have expenses just like any other business. As such, part of the profits they realize go back into the business. The other part goes into brokers’ pockets.

Fighting for the rights of churning victims

Many investors care very deeply about their investment goals. These goals can be a very big part of their overall financial plan and their hopes for their financial future. When an investor has a broker handle their investment portfolio, they expect and trust that the broker will act in a way consistent with the investment goals they have for the portfolio.

How damages in securities fraud cases can be calculated

Victims of securities fraud largely have two concerns: how to get their money back, and how to prevent being swindled again. Because of this, they may not understand the different forms of damages that may be obtained as part of a securities fraud lawsuit.

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