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July 2015 Archives

Puerto Rico's debt crisis could lead to securities fraud suits

While many financial headlines have been focused on the financial crisis in Greece regarding the debate over the country’s repayment of debt, and the recent stock market troubles in China, the debt troubles in Puerto Rico have not garnered as much attention.

Mutual fund holders overcharged by banks

Service charges can be the bane of one’s experience with a financial institution. They range from simple charges for basic maintenance of an account to larger fees for specific transactions that are outside of the basic purview of the services provided. Whatever charges they are, if they are improper, the financial institution should be held liable.

Are securities fraud class actions dwindling?

While it remains to be seen how many class action securities fraud cases will be filed before the end of 2015, The rise in the stock market over the last year has had a profound effect on the number of such suits being filed in federal court. According to a article, there were fewer securities class action suits filed in 2014, and the potential money damages to be recovered dwindled to its lowest level since 1997.

Why investors should plan for life transitions

We hope our readers had a great Fourth of July holiday weekend. There’s nothing like spending time with family and friends in the summer time. With each day not promised, it is okay to cherish the time that you have with loved ones. These times can also inspire some to plan for when they are no longer around, or if tragedy takes them before their time.

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