Securities Litigation And Arbitration

Investors rely on the representations of their brokers or investment advisors to varying degrees. Many investors prefer relying on the opinions of an expert who focuses his or her career into understanding the market and how to earn reasonable returns. Investment professionals have a fiduciary duty to their clients, meaning they must act with their clients best interests in mind at all times.

A broker must take care to understand each client's goals for their investment portfolios. One investor may be interested in gaining high returns and is comfortable with substantial risk, while another investor may be primarily interested in capital preservation and minimizing risk. Each investor profile should affect what choices the broker makes regarding that particular investor's portfolio.

When a broker acts in a way that does not comport with a client's goals and losses occur, that broker should be held accountable for those violations. Many people believe when they lose money in the market that it is due to the vagaries of the market. This is not always the case. Pursuing compensation for those losses is best accomplished either before a FINRA arbitration panel or by litigating before a judge or jury. A lawyer can be instrumental in effectively pursuing these claims and recovering compensation for these losses.

Focused Exclusively On Helping Injured Investors

Attorney Marc Zussman has more than 15 years of experience representing investors in securities arbitration and in litigation. In securities cases, the primary forum for investors seeking compensation due to investor fraud is before FINRA arbitration panels. With this said, Mr. Zussman has also achieved successful outcomes for his clients in both jury and court trials.

Whatever the forum, Mr. Zussman is committed to finding the most expeditious means of securing a return of lost funds and all other appropriate damages. During those years of helping investors, Mr. Zussman has built a strong reputation among the community of securities attorneys, mediators and arbitrators. If your losses were caused through inappropriate actions on the part of your broker, he has the skills and experience necessary to help you recover your losses.

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Understanding why your investment loss occurred is the first step toward recovering funds. Marc Zussman can help you identify broker wrongdoing and pursue the compensation you need. While located in Los Angeles, Mr. Zussman represents clients throughout Southern California and beyond. To schedule an initial consultation, call 424-835-5733 or toll free at 866-451-2517 or contact him online.

In most cases, Mr. Zussman only charges attorney's fees if funds are recovered for you.