Unsuitable Investment Strategy

A key part of managing an investment portfolio includes identifying the client's goals and developing a strategy that is designed to achieve those goals. Certain investment activities and strategies are not appropriate for achieving particular goals. For example, younger investors may benefit from a more aggressive investment strategy, as they will have more time to recover from stock market losses or other investment losses. On the other hand, investors nearing retirement age will likely require a more conservative approach, as they will have fewer working years to recoup losses.

A broker may have chosen to manage your investment portfolio under a strategy that was wholly incompatible with your goals. If you suffered subsequent losses, your broker's unsuitable investment strategy may be the reason why. If that was the case, your broker may be held liable for those losses and compensation may be appropriate.

Only by having an experienced securities lawyer review the circumstances of your situation can you determine whether or not your broker acted appropriately.

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Attorney Marc Zussman has a deep understanding of the investment world and securities law. He will analyze your situation and work to hold your broker or investment advisor accountable if he or she took liberties with your investment portfolio that incurred financial losses. Mr. Zussman has more than 40 years of legal experience, and has spent the last 15 years focused on helping investors protect themselves against negligent and unscrupulous brokers and advisors. His experience fighting for his clients before FINRA arbitration panels and in the courtroom has helped him recover millions of dollars of compensation for his clients in the past.

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