Unsuitable Private Placement Investments

The growing popularity of private placement investments is highly speculative and risky, relative to other types of investments. As the name suggests, private placement investments, also referred to as private placement offerings, private equity investments, and private investments are not available to the public at large. While this type of investment can present lucrative returns, it also carries a very high level of risk, which only sophisticated investors with at least a moderate risk profile should be invited to consider by a broker.

Furthermore, these off-market investments are poorly regulated and open investors to high levels of risk. If the business goes bankrupt, there is no place to sell the investment. This can cause a complete loss of the investment.

Private placements also present challenges in terms of recovering losses. The brokerage often is unaware that one of its brokers is representing this investment. The best strategy for recovering losses in many cases includes pursuing compensation from the brokerage for failing to adequately supervise the broker. Your lawyer must be able to effectively and tenaciously pursue your interests.

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Attorney Marc Zussman understands how to effectively pursue compensation for losses due to a broker presenting an unsuitable private placement investment opportunity. Brokers have a responsibility to ensure that the investments they suggest to investors are appropriate for that investor's goals and knowledge of the market. If a broker presented a private placement opportunity that resulted in losses, you may have been inappropriately advised or victimized by investment fraud. With more than 40 years of legal experience with more than 15 of those years focused on securities law and helping investors protect themselves against investment fraud, Mr. Zussman has the skills and experience necessary to help you.

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