Unsuitable Investments

Many people who lose money in the stock market attribute those losses to the vagaries of the market. While every investment does contain an element of risk, the reality may be that your broker or investment advisor mismanaged your securities account. No broker or advisor will admit to mismanagement. All will blame the market itself.

The question then becomes: How do you prove that a broker mismanaged your investment? Working closely with a knowledgeable lawyer can make a major difference. Attorney Marc Zussman has a strong record of being able to gather the necessary evidence to build strong cases against brokers. His ability to understand the complexities of market data allows him to illustrate how a broker failed in his or her responsibilities to an investor. Based in Los Angeles, he represents investors throughout Southern California and beyond.

Recovering Compensation In Unsuitable Investment Claims

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, or FINRA, makes clear that stock brokers and investment advisors are under an obligation to recommend suitable investments for their clients. Obviously, different investors have different goals. The broker needs to learn those goals at the outset and work to achieve them. For investors who are seeking capital preservation and moderate growth, certain individual investments may be inappropriately risky. If the broker engages in activity that falls outside of his or her client's goals and losses occur, the broker or his or her firm needs to be held accountable for those unsuitable investments.

Focused Exclusively On Helping Injured Investors

Mr. Zussman provides investors with a clear assessment of whether or not their losses were due to a broker engaging in unsuitable investments or the natural movement of the market. If he believes that your broker engaged in risks that he or she should not have, given your investment goals and risk tolerance, he will pursue the compensation you deserve. He has a very high success rate for securing the return of lost funds. In fact, to date, Mr. Zussman has a success rate of over 90 percent in investment fraud claims. He has won many victories for his clients before FINRA arbitration panels as well as by litigating before a judge or jury.

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In most cases, Mr. Zussman only charges attorney's fees if funds are recovered for you.