Overconcentration/Failure To Diversify

Diversifying one's portfolio is one of the key elements of a sound investment strategy. Having a diversity of investments that include bonds, stocks and cash spread across a range of different market sectors such as banking, industrial, oil, gas and manufacturing can provide a layer of security for your investment portfolio. If one sector of your portfolio should experience a decrease in value, the overall value of your investments will be protected and you will not suffer a catastrophic loss.

Brokers are often more interested in selling their clients on investment opportunities that are based on the potential for returns more than the consideration of the potential for loss. When a broker recommends that an investor place a high percentage of his or her investment portfolio into a single investment or sector, this imbalanced approach can leave investors highly exposed to the possibility of substantial losses. The failure to diversify, or the overconcentration of investments in one area, can potentially be devastating.

Brokers need to take into account the total scope of an investor's portfolio and make recommendations that avoid overconcentration in one area. If you experienced losses that you believe could have been avoided by maintaining a more diverse investment portfolio, a lawyer experienced in securities arbitration and litigation can make a world of difference.

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Marc Zussman has devoted the last 15 years of his law practice to helping investors pursue compensation after suffering losses due to investment fraud. With extensive experience representing his clients' interests before FINRA arbitration panels as well as in courtrooms across California, Mr. Zussman has the necessary skill set and experience to help injured investors. In every case, Mr. Zussman will closely analyze the evidence to determine whether your investment advisor or stock broker overconcentrated or failed to diversify your portfolio. If there is reason to believe your losses were caused by this or by some other type of investment malfeasance, he will go the extra mile to help you recover compensation.

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