Churning Or Reverse Churning

Losses to your investment portfolio may not have been caused exclusively by the actions of the market. Brokers have a responsibility to act in accordance with their clients' goals when making trades. Goals such as capital preservation call for much less trading and a general avoidance of risk. With fewer trades being made, the banks are earning less on commissions.

Churning is generating more trades than a client's goals would call for normally for the purpose of increasing the commissions the bank earns. If you have experienced losses and are concerned that your investment portfolio was unnecessarily active, you may be the victim of churning.

The reverse is also possible. Reverse churning is failing to make enough trades to generate the income the client expects from his or her investment portfolio. Reverse churning can be as damaging to an investor's portfolio as churning. Churning is both illegal and unethical, and under certain conditions, reverse churning is illegal as well. If you have sustained investment losses due to churning or reverse churning by your broker or investment advisor, it is vital to work closely with a skilled lawyer.

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Los Angeles investment fraud attorney Marc Zussman has the securities law experience necessary to analyze your investment portfolio after a loss and determine if churning or reverse churning was the cause of your loss. If it was, he can put his more than 15 years of securities law experience to work building a strong case against your broker to recover funds lost as a result of his or her inappropriate actions. During the time Mr. Zussman has focused on securities law, he has recovered seven-figure settlements for clients. He offers strong representation before FINRA arbitration panels as well as in the courts.

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