Breach Of Fiduciary Duty

In California, investors enjoy strong protection against breaches of fiduciary duty by stock brokers and investment advisors. In any claim involving breach of fiduciary duty, many questions need to be answered, requiring a close examination of the facts. For example, was it a discretionary or non-discretionary account? In a discretionary account, the broker has permission to make trades independently. In a non-discretionary account, the broker must have the client's permission to make each trade. Another question is: what was the investor's level of market knowledge and sophistication?

Any investment professional who breaches his or her fiduciary duty must be held accountable. If you have suffered an investment loss due to a broker or advisor's breach of fiduciary duty, a lawyer experienced in securities arbitration and litigation will be invaluable in helping you understand your options.

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Based in Los Angeles, attorney Marc Zussman offers dynamic legal representation to investors who have sustained financial losses due to breach of fiduciary duty. With more than 15 years of experience representing investors, over a legal career that spans more than 40 years, he has represented investors from all walks of life.

To get answers to some of the questions you may have about what to expect in an investment fraud case, please review Marc's FAQ page.

He understands how to clearly identify breaches of fiduciary duty and how to hold brokers accountable for those breaches. Over the years, he has developed a reputation for providing skilled service to his clients based on the results he has been able to achieve. In fact, Mr. Zussman has recovered numerous seven-figure awards for clients facing investment losses due to breach of fiduciary duty and other forms of investment fraud.

Marc represented me in a difficult and very unique case against Wells Fargo Advisors. Marc is extremely knowledgeable and approaches each problem by placing enormous emphasis on data gathering and application of law. His ability to anticipate and be ready for the opponent's actions is remarkable.

Hooman Moshar, Former Client

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