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Investment advisors and stock brokers provide a valuable service to investors. Few investors are able to devote the same amount of time to educate themselves as fully regarding the market and investment opportunities as these professionals. Therefore, investors rely on investment advisors and stock brokers to help them facilitate their investment goals.

Unfortunately, these professionals do not always act with their clients' best interests in mind. Brokers have a responsibility to manage their clients' investment portfolios according to each client's individual goals. When an investment advisor or stock broker takes action that is at odds with the client's stated goals or best interests and losses occur, that broker has committed investment fraud and needs to be held responsible for the losses he or she helped create. These issues tend to be complex, requiring the counsel and advocacy of a knowledgeable lawyer.

Taking Decisive Action In Investment Advisor And Stock Broker Fraud Claims

Attorney Marc Zussman offers skilled, experienced representation to those who have been the victims of all types of investment fraud, including:

Marc Zussman has practiced law for more than 40 years, and has devoted the last 15 years of his practice to helping people fight investment fraud. Prior to concentrating his practice on investment fraud claims, he served as a Deputy Public Defender for the County of Los Angeles and as a Deputy City Attorney for the City of Los Angeles. In these positions, Mr. Zussman gained extensive experience preparing and trying cases. Today, Mr. Zussman applies more than four decades of experience before FINRA arbitration panels and litigating cases before judges and juries. In his investment fraud practice, he has been successful in more than 90 percent of his cases. With this history of success, he has cultivated a reputation among attorneys, mediators and arbitrators across California and beyond.

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In most cases, Mr. Zussman only charges attorney's fees if funds are recovered for you.