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For many people, opening a securities account is the only sensible thing to do with funds set aside for investments. Banks no longer offer attractive interest rates. Many of the people who invest in stocks and bonds do not have the time to educate themselves about how those markets work and rely on the representations of stock brokers and investment advisors to help guide their investments.

While the broker or advisor may have skill and experience in investing, a broker also has his or her own set of goals that can differ from those of the investor that he or she is advising. For example, low-risk strategy of capital preservation is going to naturally include fewer trades. Less trading equals fewer commissions for the brokerage. This can lead to brokers guiding their clients' investment choices in ways that actually serve their needs rather than the clients.

If you have lost money through your investment portfolio, it may have been due to broker mismanagement. Attorney Marc Zussman is skilled at identifying instances of broker mismanagement and effectively pursuing your recovery of lost funds and all other forms of available compensation.

Focused Exclusively On Helping Injured Investors

Marc Zussman has more than 40 years' experience practicing law. He has focused on securities law and aiding defrauded investors for more than 15 years. His exclusive focus on securities law has allowed him to develop a skill set and acquire a body of experience that helps him generate exceptionally positive results for his clients. Marc has recovered multiple seven-figure awards for clients over his career. His experience in front of FINRA arbitration panels as well as litigating in front of judges and juries has allowed him to build a record of success that is well-known within the legal community.

Marc welcomes referrals from lawyers who are seeking skilled securities law representation for a client.

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Based in Los Angeles, Marc Zussman represents investors across California. He can help you take action to recover funds lost due to investment fraud or negligence of your broker or investment advisor. To schedule an initial consultation, call 424-835-5733 or toll free at 866-451-2517, or contact him online.